Kilt Outfit

Wearing a kilt on its own is not the same as wearing a kilt outfit. The difference lies in the jacket and the accessories that you choose to wear the kilt. Often called Highlands Dress, a proper kilt outfit comes with all of the accessories, ranging from something as small as the kilt belt to the kilt hose flags to something as prominent as the kilt jacket and sporran. There are a few accessories you need to keep in mind when you are considering buying a new kilt outfit if you want to follow tradition and look your best.



outfit for saleUsually, when people want to wear a kilt outfit, it is because they are going to a formal event. If that is true, then the kilt jacket is the most important place to start. The kilt jacket can be chosen depending on just how formal you want to look. For instance, the Prince Charlie kilt jacket is elegant and sophisticated. It is the jacket you will want to wear if you are going to black tie affairs and other formal events like weddings. You can choose a more casual tweed kilt jacket in a style that best suits the occasion for less formal events. If you want a jacket that is a bit more versatile, you can go with the Argyll jacket. Depending on the one that you choose, they are able to be worn both casually and formally as well.


You will need a kilt shirt to wear with the kilt outfit and to go with that, you will also need a waistcoat. With that, you will want to find the right bow tie, and ideally, your dress shirt will have a winged collar because presently, those seem to be the most popular. The kilt belt comes next, and with the kilt belt, you will need a kilt buckle. The buckles are versatile and can be uniquely detailed with Scottish symbols or Celtic knots.

Because your kilt has no pockets, you will need a sporran. The sporran is the pouch that attaches to your kilt using either a chain or a leather strap tucked through the metal loops often found on the sides of the kilts. You can get sporrans that are as dressed up or dressed down as you need them to be. If you want to accessorize further, you can find a kilt pin, which also has the wiggle room of being as plain or as decorative as you’d like.

Kilt hose is important, and Hose flashes are just as important to put the finishing touches on the look. Kilt shoes and kilt hats will finish off the look from top to bottom, and then you are all set.