Christmas kilt wareKilt wearing is not something that is exclusive to special events. That said, it is something that you can do for special occasions to make them even more memorable and personal, and that includes donning a kilt at Christmas. There are many standard traditions that carry on through the years which most people observe, and from those come personal family traditions that each household enjoys. For those who live in a house full of Scots or Scottish-descendants, there may be a desire to uphold some Scottish Christmas traditions, and those traditions aren’t too far from what you already do. This will make it easy for you to incorporate a few different traditions into the Christmas festivities this year without having to change too much.

One of the things that Scottish people do that most everyone else does is surround themselves with friends and family to help ring in the season. This is usually done on a chilly night with a fire lit, a tradition that has fallen to the wayside in most modern homes since the invention of central heating. But it is something that you can easily do to keep the tradition alive. Here, you can swap gifts, share meals, have drinks and dress up!

There is a tradition on Christmas day for Scots to remain in their pajamas as a sort of celebration of rest that you get to enjoy after a heavy workload that you have endured in the time leading up to Christmas. Many Scots also do this because they have no intention of leaving the house because of the often inclement weather. But if you want, you can wear a kilt to celebrate the event.

Kilts can be worn as formally or as casually as you would like. If you want to dress in the Highland dress for the occasion, that is just fine, as it is a holiday. You can also go more casual by just wearing a simple shirt with your kilt, and that will still keep you within the traditional dress to celebrate your heritage and Christmas at the same time.

While wearing your kilt, you can enjoy traditional Scottish courses for your meals. A lot of times, the soup will often be served as a starter for the meal. Dishes that are enjoyed can be turkey, beef or steak pies, and crackers are always on the table. Usually, Christmas night will end with the family in a single room watching the Queen’s speech, listening to music or enjoying a Christmas movie or two.

With such simple ways to incorporate Scottish Christmas tradition into your holidays, there is no reason not to if you’d like to. At the very least, you can simply don a kilt to feel closer to your heritage while you celebrate with the family. Find the perfect kilt at Scottish Kilt Shop and get it measured perfectly to fit your size so that you are prepared to lounge after the Christmas feast.