Boys Celtic Embossed Kilt Sporran

Boys Celtic Embossed Kilt Sporran

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Boys Celtic Embossed Kilt Sporran| Gallery 

Tell your son the story about the thistle that saved Scotland from the Norse invaders and then give him the Embossed Black Leather Sporran Thistle On Flap to wear in honor of that important little flower. Perfect for teaching boys about their Celtic heritage, this black sporran is child-sized at 5.5 inches by 6 inches. It features Celtic knot embossing and is made from the finest quality black pebbled cow's leather. On the flap is the traditional Scottish silver thistle, and the pouch is finished with a pair of leather tassels. An adjustable belt that fits up to a 28-inch waist is included.

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Embossed Black Leather Sporran

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