Black & White Rabbit Sporran

Black & White Rabbit Sporran

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Black & White Rabbit Sporran | Gallery 

Black & White Rabbit Sporran is mostly wear in some events like marriage cultural events and some other functions. there is two tassels which hangs with chains and black leather finish. Rabbit shape sporran gives you modern look. it is completely make leather and real rabbit fur. Features keep you  mobile phone, wallet and some other personal items inside the sporran because they provide large space.

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  • Materials and Features
  • Type: Semi Dress Sporran
  • Leather: Genuine Back Leather
  • Fur:Fur Sporran
  • Bag: Wide Opening Bag Compartment
  • Tassels:Black Leather Tassels With Chain
  • Chain Belt:Adjustable Leather Chain Belt
  • Ribbon:Leather Knit Ribbon

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