Argyle Tartan Kilt Trews Outfits from Scottish Kilt Shop

Sometimes, you may want to step away from wearing a kilt to any given event and instead opt for a suit. Even so, you do not want to give up that piece of your heritage in order to wear that suit, and that is where the Custom Made Argyle Tartan Kilt Trews Outfits from Scottish Kilt Shop come into play. These outfits consist of all of the pieces of a suit, which are made with a custom argyle pattern. As argyle originated in Scotland in the 17th century, you are wearing a pattern steeped in your history and heritage while still enjoying the appearance of a modern-day suit. These suits can be made to measure in order to promise the perfect fit.

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  1. Sale Argyle Tartan Jacket & Trews Argyle Tartan Jacket & Trews

    Prince Charlie Jacket Wedding Kilt Outfit Includes

    • Prince Charlie jacket
    • Prince charlie waistcoat
    • Formal Shirt
    • Bow Tie
    • Thistle buckle
    • Celtic thistle belt
    • Formal Tartan kilt
    • Kilt pin
    • Full dress sporran with Chain belt
    • Kilt Hose
    • Matching Flashes
    • Ghillie Brogues


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